Friday, August 8, 2008

Tips on Data Backup and Recovery!

Backup is the basic of copying files or your databases so that it can be retrieved later if something goes wrong with your PC.

Data backup should be in everybody's mind, so that you don't have to use Data Recovery to get them back or have loss time.

Not only will it be harder to get data back but it will also cost you money and you may not be able to get everything back. You can backup your Data several way example ( Floppy + CD-R + External Hard drive + External USB ) these are just some few common ones that people use. What Should be Backed Up?

For most computer users, the main idea for the backup process is to copy files which are important and are not replaceable and for them to review on what they have to backup. Here are some examples:

Bank records and other financial information.

Digital photographs.

Music you purchased and downloaded from the Internet.

Personal files

Software you purchased and downloaded from the Internet.

When Should You Perform a Backup?

The perfect time to backup would be if you got new programs or a lot of files, other wise depending on your usage you can do it everyday or just every week, depending on your usage.

Where Should I store My Backup?

Well my suggestion would be to have two backups of what ever you have and store them in different locations just in case something happens to one of them.

The main point to take away from these tips is "how important" it is to backup data on your computer. Don't be the next person to lose it all if your computer system crashes. Be ready and take a little time to backup!

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